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How To Get More Booked Appointments For Local Business Owners

August 24, 20234 min read

When you implement these 8 strategies for your local business, it will drastically increase your ability to secure more booked appointments. .

~ Tamra Millikan, CEO - Click Automations

How to Get More Appointments for My Local Business: 8 Winning Moves! 🏆

Hey there, local business owner! 🎩 Are you sitting in your office, sipping your favorite brew ☕, wondering how to get your local business buzzing with more appointments? Look no further. I'm about to unveil the Magic Eight (not to be confused with that mysterious toy ball 🎱) to boost your appointment bookings. Ready to rev up your appointment game? Let’s roll! 🚗💨

1. Optimized Social Media Content Strategy 📲

If social media were a party 🎉, would your business be the life of it, or the awkward entity standing in the corner? Remember, content is KING! 👑 Start by posting engaging, relatable, and relevant content. Use those sparkling filters, and sprinkle in some witty captions! And if you’re stumped, there's always the classic: “Take a pic of your product/service or some behind-the-scenes video footage, add a fun caption, and voilà!”

Create A Strong Social Media Presence Online

2. Write Thought-Leader Articles/Blogs 🖋

You know stuff. Cool stuff. Why not shout it from the digital rooftops? 🏰 Writing as a thought leader positions you as the “go-to” expert in your field. It's like being the Dumbledore 🧙‍♂️ of your niche. Share insights, trends, and sprinkle in some of your biz's secret sauce (not the whole recipe, just a hint 😉).

3. Lead Magnet & Weekly Email Nurture Series 🧲💌

Ever tried to get a cat's attention? 🐱 Dangle something shiny in front of it. For customers, your lead magnet is that shiny thing. Offer them something irresistible in exchange for their email. Once you've got that, nurture them with weekly content. Not too pushy, not too salesy - just right! Like Goldilocks' porridge. 🥣

How to turn leads into customers

4. Paid Advertising on the RIGHT Platforms 💸

Throwing money at every ad platform is like trying to make spaghetti stick to the wall - messy and not very effective. 🍝 Find out where your audience hangs out. Is it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok? Spend wisely. Think of it as investing in those golden goose eggs 🥚, not just any old hen’s egg.

Social Media Ads To Grow Your Local Business

5. Chat Messaging Connected To Your Website and Google Business Page 💬

Ever had a burning question 🤔 and wished someone would answer it pronto? Be THAT business. Implement chat messaging on your website and Google Business Page. It’s like having a virtual butler 🎩 at your audience's beck and call. According to Sprout Social, 63% of people prefer messaging on chatbots to communicate with businesses compared to phone calls or email. Meet them where they're at and turn the 2-way chat conversation into an appointment!

6. Missed Call Text Back 📞

Did you miss a call because you were on the other line or in a meeting? 🙉 No sweat. With an automated missed call text back, you’re saying, “Hey, I saw you called! Let's chat.” It's the digital equivalent of running after someone who dropped their wallet. So, be that good Samaritan! 🦸‍♂️

7. Automated Review Requests 🌟

Let’s face it, we all like a bit of flattery. So, why not ask for it? 🤷 Send automated review requests after a successful service or sale. Positive feedback not only bolsters your brand image but also inspires trust among potential clients. It’s like asking for applause after a show-stopping performance. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good round of applause? 👏

8. Leverage Referrals 🤝

Remember the age-old “Tell your friends about it!”? Referrals are the grown-up, business version of that. When one satisfied customer shares their positive experience, it has a ripple effect, reaching audiences you might not have touched otherwise.

How To Get More Reviews For Local Business

This word-of-mouth marketing can often be more effective than traditional advertising. Encourage satisfied customers to spread the word. It's like having your own cheerleading squad. Plus, trust is inherently built when a recommendation comes from someone familiar. Gimme an “R”! 📣

Consider utilizing a lead generation service 🙌🏼

There you have it, folks – the magic eight to make your local business appointment book look like a celebrity’s social calendar. 🌟 While all these sound fun (because they are!), they require consistency and dedication. If it sounds a bit overwhelming, consider outsourcing the process of finding qualified leads for your product or service. This enables you to avoid the entire (often headache-evoking) lead generation process and allows trained and experienced marketers to the grunt work for you. 📆🎈If you want to know more, book a call 👉🏼

Click Automations is the top-rated digital marketing agency for local businesses in the Phoenix Scottsdale area.

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