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5 Ways to Generate More Leads For Your Business

SMS Marketing
September 13, 20224 min read

5 Ways to Generate More Leads For Your Business

Are you tired of spending all day on social media or expensive ads in order to book more discovery calls? If you feel like you're spinning your wheels when it comes to lead generation, you are not alone. According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. Here are 5 key strategies to generate more leads for your online coaching business that don't require you to be tethered to your DMs or spend a fortune on paid ads.

  1. Create a powerful lead magnet to engage new contacts by identifying what your ideal client needs just before they are ready to purchase your service. A high-converting lead magnet will engage your prospects with a hot title, that immediately addresses the problem they are having right now. This is usually different than the pain point(s) they have when they are ready to buy your service, but once solved, will lead them to be ready to buy your offer. Your lead magnet (aka freebie or low-ticket offer) must be delivered instantly after opt-in, promote your brand as an authority, and is sharable so that if they find it useful, they can easily with family, friends, or colleagues.

  2. Nurture your leads with emails that get opened. Many people believe email marketing is dead. However, 42% of organizations believe email is one of their most effective lead generation channels, (Source: Circle Research) so don't ditch this strategy, but enhance and customize your efforts. Make sure you are segmenting your email list so the content you share is more likely to get opened. No more generic standalone emails sent to your entire list. Instead, only send niche-specific email messages based on what your prospect showed interest in when they joined your list. A well-crafted nurture email series is 2-5 email messages sent out over several days after the prospect joins your list. The first email delivers the asset. The second email reminds them why it's so valuable so they actually use it. (How many times have you downloaded a lead magnet, only to let it get buried in your inbox without ever looking at it? I'm guilty. 😬). The third email shares a story about someone who used the lead magnet and the results they had from it. The rest of the emails in your nurture series will share a personal story, testimonial, and finally, a call-to-action message, kindly asking the prospect to reply, join your next event, or hop on a call, to name a few. Lead-nurturing emails get as much as 10 times the response rate compared to standalone emails. (Source: SilverPop/Demand Gen Report)

  3. Launch an SMS text messaging strategy that compliments your email campaign. 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile messages to emails or calls so if you aren't already giving people the option to share their phone number with you, add this optional field to your forms today (making sure you are GDPR compliant). Like email, SMS needs to be used the right way so prospects feel like you are spamming them. Using video adding 64% of buyers say seeing a video makes them more likely to purchase (Source: Forbes)

  4. Set up your Google My Business Missed Call Text-Back. Marketers who follow up with web leads within 5 minutes are 9 times more likely to convert to a sale (Source:

  5. Consistently appearing on Social Media with posts that are sharable and a social media strategy that includes engaging content, eye-catching designs, using proper hashtags, and running a giveaway or quiz could be very helpful to reach out to your targeted audience. Understanding your targeted audience’s interest and then addressing it is an effective way to not only engage with your current audience but could be very helpful to grab the attention of new leads.

Now that you have five new ideas for generating more leads, which one(s) will you implement? What can you do this week to strengthen your lead nurture strategy?

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