Welcome to the partnership that will simplify your life.


of spending all day on social media trying to find new leads?


trying to fill your calendar, but it's just not happening fast enough?

No Time

to create content and work with clients because you are spending all your time on the back-end systems?

With an in-depth knowledge of the platform and the latest marketing strategies, Click Automations sets you up for success.

We fill your calendar with high-quality appointments so you can be the innovative, heart-centered CEO you were always meant to be.

99% of businesses get caught in this familiar trap...

  • They get distracted by shiny object syndrome and end up spending way too much time and money on tech they don't need.
  • They spend all their time on social media messaging people.
  • They spend $$$ on paid ads that aren't converting.
  • They ignore automation, thinking they can grow without it.

Both of these create a disconnected brand.


  • Disconnected messaging

which attracts the wrong people

  • Disillusioned customers

feel like they were misled

  • Lost revenue

when your sales page doesn't convert

  • Garage sale business vibe

buyers don't have confidence in your offer

  • Too much fluff, without delivering

your sales pages doesn't convey value

  • Unpolished online presence

without it, you can't scale



Smart entrepreneurs know...

the most scarce resource is your own time and mental, spiritual and financial bandwith.

Imagine having a calendar full of discovery calls so all you have to do is show up. There is no downside for you. Only unlimited upside.

Turn Clicks Into Clients

Want to know if this is right for you?

Let's chat and see if our business is a fit!


Real People... Real Support

No more waiting for your support ticket to get a response days later.

We provide support on your most pressing questions.

Whether it's a quick answer via DM or jumping on a Zoom call to

work out where ever you are stuck, we are real people that provide real support.

We Fill Your Calendar With High-Quality Sales Calls

We build you a customized, automated system that will fill your calendar with high-quality appointments. It is already responsible for thousands of new qualified appointments and countless new sales for business owners who want go farther, faster than they ever thought possible.

Need an assistant for other parts of your business?

Draw from our pool of trained Tech VA's

Have a big project or program that needs Hire our fully-trained Tech VAs, who are automation ninjas!

No more trying to find someone that can learn the system. Stop wasting time trying to train your VA on your software systems. We do that for you.




  • Install one domain and unlimited subdomains
  • Set up your email system, and nurture email sequence workflows (for 3 email message templates)
  • Set up your text messaging system and workflow
  • Integrate payment systems (Stripe and/or PayPal)
  • Integrate Calendar, Wordpress blog, and Zoom
  • Integrate Google My Business
  • Integrate Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for social media posting and scheduling
  • Integrate Facebook and Instagram for direct messaging inside the dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you book sales calls for me?

Using the latest SMS messaging strategies, we fill your calendar with qualified leads so you just have to show up and have the conversations. For a short time, we are offering to book the first 10 appointments for FREE in exchange for a video testimonial if business comes from it. Literally, a NO. LOSE situation.

Can I move my Wordpress Website to this platform?

Yes, we can migrate your existing WordPress blog or website so that it easily integrates with the power of Click Automations.

How does the Concierge Service work?

You purchase Tech VA time based on your project needs.

Can you make my new website look exactly like the old one?

No, but we can make it great-looking, mobile-friendly, and easy to use. Many times we canmake it look exactly the same.

Are you using Go HighLevel?

Yes. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we found the best wheel we could find and blinged it out.

Definition of “bling” - Private-label, enterprise-level, feature-rich software that’s already made and then we'd work to build add ons and extra services that make it turnkey for you, the user to automate your business.

The HighLevel development team has been supporting over 10,000 private-label customers over the past two years, and we’ve partnered with them directly for our specific customer needs.

That means you have:

OUR White-Glove Onboarding Services

OUR Fully-Trained Tech VAs

OUR Weekly Drop-In Office Hours for Live Support

OUR Templates and Lead Generation Strategies

...and enterprise-level Go HighLevel software is the silent engine in the backend doing all the heavy lifting of development, so we can do what we do best... helping you get more leads and close more sales!

What payment gateways do you support?

Stripe and PayPal can both be integrated into your account.

Why move to Click Automations?

#1 most other systems do not let you have full control of your email sending. They wrap it up in the price (cough cough Kajabi, ClickFunnels) which means you don’t get to increase deliverability with your own autonomous control. We help you build unlimited automations. You can connect any SMTP you want for powered email sending. You won’t find better deliverability elsewhere.

#2 there are NO limits on number of contacts, domains, pages, funnels, courses, automations, pipelines, emails, SMS, etc. None.

#3 get done-for-you onboarding FREE when you join,... no need to go find a developer to set up your account. We do it for you. Get expert support to help you consolidate and get up and running fast.

Still not yet a believer? Check us out for 14-days FREE and see for yourself.

Do I need my own email service?

No. Email delivery is built-in. You are only charged for the email you send, which is less than one penney per email!. Super affordable!

Do I need my own video hosting account like Wistia or Vimeo?

Nope. Video hosting is included.

Can I send text messages?

Absolutely. Text messages are charged at a rate per message and that varies by country and provider. We use Twilio for all SMS text messaging built into the platform.

Do you restrict features on the free trial?

You have access to the ENTIRE PLATFORM during your free 14-day trial.

How many contacts can I have in your system?

Unlimited. You don't pay based on how big your contact list is with us, you pay based on how many emails you send, less than one penney per email.

How many online digital courses can I host?

Unlimited! There is no limit to how many courses, memberships, or videos you want to store. It's all included for free.


Ready To Make Real Progress In Your Business?

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